Information about using Peppermint Oil for pest control

Peppermint Oil is a natural deterrent of pests due to its very high menthol content. Whilst humans find the Peppermint pleasant Mice, Snakes, Rats and Ants can't stand the smell and will not go near it. It is a natural, clean and humane way of controlling pest populations.



  • Cotton ball method

    This is the most widely used method of controlling pest with Peppermint Oil. Dab some Peppermint Oil on cotton wool balls and place around the house. They can also be stuck in holes, placed in a small dish under furniture etc. Usually more oil need to be applied in 2-3 weeks.

    • Spray Method

      This is useful for areas for areas where it isn't convenient to leave cotton wool balls, such as in door jams, window sills etc. We sell a product "Peppermint Power" for this purpose, it is ready made and easy to use and available together with our pure oil. 

      • Vaporizer method

        This is an excellent way of treating a large area quickly. A couple of drops if oil is place in the vaporizer and allow to run for an hour or two. This will help to "flush out" mice from a large area.

        We recommend people adopt the cotton ball method as their main method of control.

        Places around the house to target

        • Areas where mice enter, e.g. doorways, window areas.
        • Holes that they crawl through (place cotton wool balls in hole).

        Note mice can crawl through holes as soon as 8mm so sealing possible entry points will help.

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